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      1. Copyright (C) 2018 TAKASAGO ELECTRIC (SUZHOU) CO.,LTD All Rights Reseved.

        Japanese Fluidic Solution Provider

        Takasago Electric,Inc.

        Subminiature Valve?Pump Leading Manufacturer From Japan

          Takasago Electric,Inc. is a specialist manufacturer of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. Its head office is located in Japan, having more than 60 years company history.


          We have contributed to the development of its main adopted field of analyzers from the perspective of fluid mechanics by offering an expertise accumulated over many years and solution-oriented product proposals.

        Set Up
        60 Years
        In JAPAN
        International Business over 20 Countries
        In Excess Of  8,000 Different Products

        The Reasons Why Takasago is Selected


          We has a varity of small, miniature solenoid values and pumps, and are experts at taking advantage of multi-conjoined to conduct integration design.

        Varied Product Sets

          Diaphragm valves, pinch valves, pumps, multi body, needle, sheath flow and other products, which can be used for precision fluid control.


          Responds flexibly to the varied product design requests of our customers. Offer various product customizations for each requirement and have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

        Various Applications of Our Products Include

        More Than 8,000 Kinds of Products

        Hot Products

        Miniature Solenoid Valve

        Orifice:1 mm Blow

        See More Details

        Diaphragm Valve

        Orifice:1-4 mm

        See More Details

        Diaphragm Valve

        Orifice:Over 4 mm

        See More Details

        Piezoelectric Micro Pump

        See More Details

        Peristaltic Pump

        See More Details

        Diaphragm Pump

        See More Details

        Pinch Valves

        See More Details

        Custom Manifolds

        See More Details

        Culture Medium Exchange System

        See More Details

        Examples of Solutions Offered by Takasago

          Takasago is one of the leading manufacturers of fluid control regions, which responds flexibly to the varied product requests of our customers, like the different designs in the appearance or performance, flow construction or installation, application condition or cost,single product or combination module etc. We can provide specialized, individualized and diversified customized products and solutions.

        Slim Micro-Pump for Detection of Air Pollutant Analysis Instruments

        • Client’s Field and The Device Features

          A Portable μTAS (micro Total Analysis Systems), which is an analytical instrument that uses micro-channels to detect the concentration of the atmospheric pollutant gasses SO2 and H2S.

        • Request From Client

          The client's wished to downsize an application that pours 10~20μL/min of diluted sulphuric acid and fluorescein mercury acetate (FMA) into a micro-channel, such that it becomes portable.

        • Solutions by Takasago

          In response, we proposed a small, lightweight and highly inert shape memory alloy driven valve as a miniature pump and achieved the customer’s requirements.

        Examples of Solutions Offered by Takasago

        The Fluid Control Module Used on The New Type 5-Part-Diff Auto Hematology Analyzer

          With the miniaturization of the 5-Part-Diff Auto Hematology Analyzer, the customer's task is how to integrate the syringe pump, solenoid valve, and reagent vessel in a small space.  


          Based multi-connect substrate as a core, and make it closely connected to syringe pumps, thin type piezoelectric pumps, solenoid valves, and reagent vessels,this greatly reduces the internal volume of the measuring section, also improves the accuracy of the test, and reduces the consumption of specimens and reagents.


          This achieves the overall minimization of the module.Compared to the conventional tubing design, we reduced the entire unit size to about 2/3.

        The High Temperature and High Pressure Solenoid Valve Used on Water Analyzer

          When the highly corrosive fluid (sulfuric acid, potassium chromate, etc.) and the sample water are heated at a high temperature, there is a problem that the reaction liquid has a counterflow because of the high pressure in the reaction vessel.  


          In response to this problem, we Takasago have developed a "high-temperature and high-pressure solenoid valve" with a fluid-resistant temperature of 175 °C, a pressure resistance of 1500 kPa, and high corrosion resistance, which solves the counterflow problem caused by the high-temperature heating reaction.

        Company Information

        Company Name







        ISO9001 Certification


        Associated Companies

        Takasago Electric,Inc.

        1 July 1959

        Managing Director: Naoya Asai

        66 Kakitsubata, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku,
        Nagoya, Aichi 458-8522, Japan




        30 September 1999

        Design, manufacturing and sales of fluidic control components, with solenoid valvesand pumps as core products

        China (Inquiry window for South Asia )
        Takasago Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
        Block B#06-01/08, No.5, Xinghan Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou,Jiangsu Province, 215021 China
        Web: http:// www.acupuncture-plus.com

        U.S. Branch Office
        (d/b/a Takasago Fluidic Systems)
        1900 West Park Drive, Suite 280, Westborough, MA 01581 U.S.A.

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        Contact Us



        No.5 XingHan Street BLK B# 06-01/06 SuZhou Industric Park SuZhou City JiangSu Province China









        http:// www.acupuncture-plus.com




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